General Presentation

There you are sitting in the classroom waiting for the instructor to start.  The instructor enters the room with a 72oz. mug of coffee and pulls up their powerpoint slide deck. The first thing going through your mind is "UGHHHH not another death by powerpoint!!!"

As an instructor you need to look at it through the eyes of the student. You may say to yourself that you were given the presentation and that is all you have to work with. That might be the case and if so you need to know those slides inside and out, up and down, backwards and forwards. OK, you get what I am saying. The worst thing that you can do is sit there (or stand there) and read from the slides. That is what causes the "death by powerpoint."

Here is what you do. Stand up, move around while you talk. Remember, you know the slides inside and out. Don't just teach, give them a show. Give them something that they will remember. When I first started teaching I heard a quote that has stuck with me throughout my whole career. "People won't remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel." By getting up and moving around you are getting the students to take their eyes off of the powerpoint and have them focus on you.

I have attached an image below of the wireless powerpoint device that I use. You can get one on Ebay for $9. you can click the hyperlink in the previous sentence or click the image and it will take you there. This allows you to get up and move, talk about the slides, move through the slides and not have to be chained to the instructor machine. It also has a laser pointer if you need it. This was the best $9 I ever spent.

So to recap this lesson, look through the eyes of the student and try to surprise them for a change. Do something that they aren't expecting. Don't give them death by powerpoint. Make sure you are well prepared and you know your slides. But that is not enough. Don't just sit there. Using a wireless device allows you to get up and move around. A student asks for help. You can go to that student and if there issue is handled on the next slide you can advance the slide from their desk. But most of all, make them FEEL something.

Thank you for taking the time to read my BLOG. I hope you found it useful and that you come back next week for more.